Top Music Apps For Music Lovers

Top Music Apps For Music Lovers


These days people love to listen to unlimited music on their smartphones for free. It would be so amazing if you could listen to songs as per your choice without any compromise with its quality or your internet allowance. And the only way to do so is to listen to songs through music streaming applications listed on application stores.

These apps allow you to hear some amazing songs from the old school days to the recent releases. You ca either use them online or offline.

Getting the best music app for your mobile phone is quite difficult. There are thousands of music applications listed on the app store which can definitely create confusion for you to choose the best one. Therefore. Today we are here to discuss the top 5 music apps for Android and iOS devices. Let’s see which one suits you the best:-

  • Spotify

Spotify is on top of my list ids due to its excellent features and awesome radio facility. Its popularity is on the the top and it is self explanatory. It is one of the best music streaming services present in the digital market today.

With Spotify you can choose songs according to your favorite artist, mood, creator or albums. Spotify will lead you to a good collection of songs related to your search which in turn will play as a radio station for you. Spotify also allows you to create your own list, download songs and share it with friends. With all the basic features spotify is a disappointing application for users who are looking out for something free or may be less expensive, that surely spotify isn’t!


Showbox is also one of the best options for music streaming. To use the app you have to download Showbox APK

  1. Pandora

After Spotify the first name to strikes our minds for music is Pandora. Pandora is a beautiful app with awesome user interface and easy to understand features. It works almost similar to Spotify but with minor differences to notice.

Pandora is a full fledged radio station that streams songs according to your choice. It can also provide you services offline and that is the biggest advantage for a music streaming application. You just need to download a particular song, add it to your playlist and listen to it anytime and anywhere you want. With all the feature one that can excite you is its alarm clock. I am sure it is difficult to find this feature in any other online application.

  1. Groove

Groove is an epic music streaming application that allows you to listen to endless music over your smartphone or any other device. It can be said as the most downloaded music application across the world.

Groove leads the way with 85,000 downloads in just 24 hours. Its basic features and flawless performance has got it on the top of the list. Groove provides unlimited music, artist, mood selection and offline listening. You can pick your choice and enjoy the app with ease on your smartphone.

  1. Bloom.Fm

Bloom.Fm is a very good music streaming application for music lovers. It consist of a great collection of songs depending upon artist, latest music, old classic, moods and albums. They run very well on your smartphone and other devices.

Bloom.Fm uses the “Borrowing” method. You exactly download a particular song or a whole playlist, listen to it till you are bored with it and then swipe it into the bin. Now you can of course download other songs if you want following the same method of listening them offline. Bloom.Fm has been a great music application with unlimited music and features which cannot be ignored.

  1. Swarm. Fm

Swarm. Fm is an average music streaming application in front of its alternatives. It does provide you with great music collection and good features but with a pinch of salt.

While most of the applications are independently standing in the market, Swarm. Fm is synced to Spotify app. So if you want to download a particular song then you need to connect to its web app or desktop website. Swarm.Fm is a great application but ca improve its performace with a little hard work in the end.


All the music apps mentioned above are the best for listening to great music for free. You should try them once and share your experience with us by writing your comments below. Thank you!